Question by  KellyV (20)

Are Great Dane dogs hypoallergenic breeds?

My son has asthma, and I'm looking for a dog that will not irritate his lungs with shedding and dander. Will a Great Dane be a good choice?


Answer by  MKane (66)

Great Dane's are not hypoallergenic dogs. Your best bet is a dog like a poodle, Irish Water Spaniel, or a mix of these breeds.


Answer by  frazier210 (27)

No it wouldn't. Great Danes are a short coated breed, Their hair has a short growth cycle and it falls out constantly.


Answer by  salina (943)

A great Dane is not a hypoallergenic dog. Airedale Terrier ,Standard Poodle, Tibetan Terrier,Maltese are just a view breeds that you may want to consider.

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