Question by  kasey78 (10)

Is the Scooby Doo website appropriate for small children?

My child is 4.


Answer by  JRC (38)

The Scooby Doo website is appropriate for children of all ages. For younger children ,the site is designed to enhance visual skills, by capture the child's attention through colorful graphics. Animation throughout the site will keep a child's attention. The characters in Scooby Doo never use inappropriate language but offer great emotional responses like scared, happy and sad.


Answer by  XTC46 (394)

Yes, the site looks to be designed for children and adults of all ages. However, you should always monitor young children while on the internet.


Answer by  Tealparadise (245)

Scooby Doo is a long-running children's show generally appropriate for all ages. If your child is extremely easily scared I'd be careful. Otherwise it's perfectly appropriate.


Answer by  k35 (30)

no the scooby doo website is not appropriate for children under five there are ads all over and kids can chat with each other

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