Question by  kdesbiens (55)

Is the Nike Impact line the same as the Combat line?

I've seen stuff about "Combat Impact" apparel.


Answer by  Turkelaine (23)

The Nike Combat line expands and improves upon the Impact line. There is a wider range of products and enhancements to the innovations first introduced with Impact.


Answer by  majamaxine (50)

They are not the same. Nike Impact line is classic sport line, and Combat line is inspired by army. Combat Impact mainly refers to a special kind of protective shorts for soccer players.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

No i haven't heard of any clothes that have been called combat. All of the nike gear has a different type of allure to it than the combat line. They are different companies.


Answer by  MsTiffany (117)

No, the Nike line has nothing to do with the Combat line. This two companies are very different, yet similar in style.


Answer by  meemark (4)

Impact line, Combat line, soopack line, who cares. There will be a new line, a new name within a few short weeks, Only thing really changing is an increasing price.

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