Question by  worker9453 (35)

Is the 50 cent coin still being made?

Who is on it?


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

The general circulation coin was last issued in 2001. The US 50 cent has President Kennedy on the front coin and is available in proof sets from the US mint.


Answer by  Tranwreck (279)

Yes, the 50 cent coin is still being made, but only for collectors. Due to lower demand for the 50 cent coins, the government and federal reserve inventories of these coins are very high and the coins are not currently being minted for circulation, but can be special ordered.


Answer by  Aline (114)

As of right now the goverment is not making any half dollars. Though it might in the future. President John F. Kennedy is on the front with usually an Eagle on the other side. It is known as a half dollar or a fifty cent piece. It is one of my favorite coins that have been minted.


Answer by  Vladlen (358)

Yes it's still being made, what is more it's 2nd most minted coin in US. It is only one cent coin that have been produced more. It is Kennedy who is on 1/2 dollar since 1964.


Answer by  rxbandit1987 (244)

John F. Kennedy is on the coin and they are still being minted. You can go to your local bank and ask for them.

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