Question by  julie39 (171)

Is soap-making a safe crafts for elementary school children?

I worry that they'll eat it or get burned by it.


Answer by  paulasheri (28)

Soap making kits that use lye would definately not be safe for elementary school aged children. However, there are some soap making kits that use a shredded soap that has the lye already mixed into it. It's just melted and poured into molds. With careful supervision of the melting and pouring, this might be an appropriate craft for younger children.


Answer by  lemily33 (56)

If I were you I would not risk it. There are many safer things to make, like "flubber" using glue and borax, which are safer than soap-making supplies.


Answer by  blueballoon (190)

Short answer? No, it's not. I think your worries that the children will eat the ingredients or get burned are valid.


Answer by  decomom (923)

Since soap-making does require the liquid to be very hot it should not be done with early elementary students, fourth or fifth grade should be fine with proper supervision.

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