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Question by  wahsontiio (1)

Is Salmonella really that big of a risk?

I've been eating foods containing raw eggs my whole life, and I've never had Salmonella poisoning. In fact, I've never even known someone who had Salmonella poisoning.


Answer by  doit (8)

Like many designer diseases, Salmonella has been huffed up by the media to seem like a bigger threat than it truly is. The news media will follow trends, and report solely based on this. If the poultry industry is doing better than, say, the beef industry, then a Salmonella outbreak is at hand. Likewise with beef.


Answer by  Joe85 (32)

Salmonella is a very dangerous virus and could kill you if you get infected. That being said, you have to eat something that is actually contaminated to get sick. The media has tried to convince us that eggs are very dangerous when in reality, if you get your eggs from a reputable source, they are more than likely fine.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

Salmonella can be a big risk. You may be young and have a good health system but for people who don't it can be very deadly or in the very least inconvenient.

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