Question by  YellowCar (87)

Is saline solution good to use for piercings?


Answer by  TarilltheMad (78)

This depends on where the piercing is located. Some places like the mouth could benefit from saline. As always ask the piercing artist for proper care instructions.


Answer by  graceless (141)

Sea salt soaks are recommended, but saline solution is an acceptable alternative. It's very important to use a clean tissue or gauze, as used wash cloths may harbor bacteria.


Answer by  Cae (62)

Yes, it's great because it cleans the piercing in a non aggressive way. Antibacterial creme for wounds also helps somewhat.


Answer by  kalaberita (32)

It is not a good idea. What you need to cure a piercing is a spray called cristalmina that is sold in all the chemist

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