Question by  SandySandy (21)

is Pure Mineral makeup good for Melasma?


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Pure Mineral makeup is good for Melasma because it is great for sensitive skin. There are no harsh ingredients to cause harsh reactions and it is gentle and made of all natural ingredients. If you're going to wear makeup with Melasma, Pure Mineral makeup is actually the only kind you should use.


Answer by  Julie6910 (87)

Yes it is because Pure Mineral makeup is made for sensitive skin. It has no ingredients that can cause allergies or skin reactions. Though it is mild it will cover up Melasma nicely.


Answer by  katherine (161)

Yes it can be very good for that type of condition. It has a very pure and natural feel about it, and that brand is great for people with allergies.


Answer by  Katie6529 (56)

Yes, it will not affect your Melasma, mineral make up is really good and natural it works with your skin instead of just covering up like other non-natural make up.


Answer by  kctaxlady (187)

Although it won't have any effect on the condition, you can use Pure Mineral make-up to cover areas of melasma and blend them with your normal skin color.


Answer by  Hazel101 (185)

While Pure Mineral makeup is good for your skin and won't clog your pores and cause break-outs, they won't cure your Melasma but it does cover up the condition.


Answer by  october (178)

Pure mineral makeup is great for people with Melasma. I suggest you use Sheer Cover foundation and concealer which is made with pure minerals.

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