Question by  Tina62 (20)

Is orange menstrual blood normal?

I'm embarrassed to ask any of my friends, is this normal, or could something be wrong with me?


Answer by  Imagirl (12)

No. Although, brown menstrual blood is sometimes common near the beginning or end of your cycle. Orange blood could be a once only thing that you should not worry about. If it happens frequently, you may be anemic. If it happens again, please so a doctor.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

Orange menstrual blood is not uncommon. If you are having any pains or are worried that something may be wrong, you should go to the doctor.


Answer by  starrgazerlily (119)

No, orange is not a normal color for menstrual blood. It can range anywhere from light pink to a dark brown. Dark Brown just represents the older blood and usually appears on the last day or two. If you are seeing an orange color, you need to see a doctor immediately. This could be a sign of an infection.


Answer by  mswhtny (35)

No, it isn't normal for it to be orange. If I were you I would definitely speak with my doctor.


Answer by  mechanicalturk1001 (40)

Normal menstrual blood is in the red spectrum, from bright red like from a papercut to a dark red-brown like dried blood. Orange is not a normal menstrual blood color.


Answer by  dbusha1 (175)

Cervical mucus is often colorless or straw-yellow in color (like plasma), so excess mucus, mixed with menstrual blood, can produce an orange color. Visit your gynecologist.


Answer by  Sbaragnaus (35)

Sometimes it happens when a woman is pregnant, it's shrinkage. Sometimes could be caused from ovarian cysts, or is due to clotting problems and fragile capillaries, the blood is mixed with secrezione vaginale.


Answer by  ericamartin (88)

you may want to check up with a doctor and get some blood work done. it can be a sign of anemia. or it could be simply stress related, or simply your diet.


Answer by  Anonymous

I experienced the same thing. The lightbulb thing is true. Squiggley lights turn mestrual blood orange!


Answer by  Anonymous

Did you recently change the lightbulbs in your bathroom? I just changed mine to the curly type of bulb and my menstrual period turned orange. I checked the TP under a normal florescent light and it was red. Who knew?

posted by Anonymous
Seriously? I can't believe I tried this, but.... I actually used the restroom without the overhead lights after reading this. There is PLENTY of window light. Of course, as expected...still orange.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

You could be low on B12, which helps to make red blood cells. This is a common deficiency for vegetarians. Try taking B12 suppliments.

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