Question by  bondakir (14)

Is MSN Messenger 9.0 the latest version?


Answer by  MashalKhanKhattak (69)

No, Msn Messenger 9.0 isnt the latest version. Five new versions came after it. Currently the officially released latest is Windows Live Messenger 2009 (14.0.8117). Windows Live Messenger 2011 Beta is also available, but as its name represents its a beta version, so it might contain bugs. I am using the latest beta and its working fine.


Answer by  Bino (79)

MSN was the former designation of today's "Live Messenger" and the latest version of Live Messenger is 9.0 can be downloaded from the internet for free but you need to sign up first. A new version of Live Messenger is set to be released in Q1 2011. Last version of "MSN Messenger" was 8.0 which is no longer in use.


Answer by  poppinfloss (5)

According the official Windows website, MSN Messenger 9.0 is the latest version of the instant messaging service. It was difficult to find out because MSN Messenger doesn't use numbers to go by.


Answer by  Johnny88 (3)

MSN Messenger Live Messenger 2009 is the latest version currently available. Technically this is the 9th release, but it has been re-branded to fit with Microsoft's Live suite of applications.

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