Question by  Bobby85 (57)

Is Minute Maid lemonade natural or artificially flavored?

My family loves lemonade but lemons are getting too expensive.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

If you buy a bottle of Minute Maid you will see that it says all natural made from concentrate, it will not be as good as your home made lemonade, but it is a good substitute, another brand that i find excellent is Simply Lemon it comes in a clear jug and is very fresh and crisp.


Answer by  Mica (31)

According to Minute Maid their 200mL box of lemonade does have lemon concentrate and it does contain natural flavors, however there is less than 2% of the container is actually natural flavors. The cans of lemonade actually has less than .5% natural flavors and the frozen concentrate has lemon concentrate, however it does not say the amount of natural flavoring.


Answer by  Roseyar (17)

In reading the package stated thereon will be what is actually in the product. It is water and added ingredients to enhance a small portion of natural lemon concentrate.


Answer by  Goodfood (14)

minute maid lemonade taste seem to be natural but consist little artificial contents in order to preserve them from spoiling. lemon is getting too expensive so we can go for minute maid lemonade. now a days, in these busy lives we dont have even time to bring lemons and prepare drink by ourselves so can go for minute maid lemonade.

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