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Question by  workman (32)

How to make a cat drink water?

My cat only wants milk.


Answer by  ancari3 (53)

Cats should never drink cows milk as it is very destructive on their digestive problem and you will end up paying the price cleaning up after your poor sick feline. Substitute water for milk. Your cat will get thirsty and drink the water eventually. Cats are not stupid and while they may get cranky, they will drink the water.


Answer by  umaveni (64)

you must clean the vessel. take pure water and pore the water in that vessel. which u already pore milk. take that vessel and kept near cat with water.


Answer by  TC22 (10)

You will have to slowly take the milk away. Set a bowl of water beside the bowl of milk. When you refill the bowls, add more water and less milk.


Answer by  ez (187)

Since cats are lactose intolerant giving cats milk is not a good idea. You should provide your cat with clean drinking water (preferably filtered or bottled) in a metal or ceramic bowl. Your cat may prefer to drink from a running water source. Fountain-type water dispensers can be purchased to provide water in this manner.

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