Question by  kasen (46)

Is it true that you don't need to file taxes if you make less than a certain amount and what is that amount?


Answer by  jh (138)

U. S. Citizens earning less that $6,000 per year are expempt from filing Federal taxes. As this is the Federal limit, I would encourage you to check with your individual state of residence to determine what their income amount is. Tax laws change frequently. If you are uncertain of your filing status, please consult a CPA.


Answer by  darcyn77 (321)

It is not necessary to file federal income taxes if your earned income is less than $4000. However, it may be wise to do so, because there is a chance you will be eligible for a refund, depending on whether or not you have any dependents or deductions. With dependents, you could qualify for an earned income credit.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

No, that is not true. You may have no tax liability if you make less than a certain amount, but you still need to file a tax return. That is a good thing because if you had any taxes withheld, you may be due a refund.

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