Question by  deborahc (28)

Is it traditional that your date of birth gets counting starting in the womb if you're Chinese?


Answer by  chippsch (37)

Chinese birthdates emanate from the day of birth. From the time of birth, age counting follows the Chinese lunar year calendar as opposed to the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the year a child is born counts as one year, regardlesss when the birthdate was. When the next lunar year rolls around the child is then another year older.


Answer by  rcalebstevens (6)

I lived in Asia for a year and they all began counting their age starting in the womb. The day they are born Asians are one year old.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

In China, your birth year is the year in which you are born. If you are born 2 days before the new year or 360 days before it, you are still "1" on that New Year.

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