Question by  StacyDeLoe (27)

Is it safe to take thistle while breastfeeding?

I am taking thistle and breastfeeding and wanted to know if this was okay.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

Other than natural products I would talk to your doctor, ped. doctor or breastfeeding nurse about what to avoid just to be safe for your baby.


Answer by  ohmandy (144)

As a former nursing mother, I spent a lot of time researching what was safe for nursing mothers. Thistle is known to help increase milk production. I drank the Mother's Milk Tea which includes thistle and this caused no problems. I now have a happy, healthy two year old.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

I know that some women who are having problems maintaining their breast milk supply take supplements of an herb called blessed thistle. It can be found in health food stores and is supposed to increase supply, especially when taken with other select herbs. If that is the type of thistle you are taking, then you should be ok within limits.


Answer by  wennifred (597)

Yes. Thistle is sometimes used as a way to increase a mother's milk. Just be sure to take it from a reputable manufacturer, and not in extreme doses. If you notice any reaction in your child then discontinue use.


Answer by  Jeff35 (57)

There are a number of side effects associated with taking milkthistle during breastfeeding. Women who are allergic to plants in the aster family should avoid milkthistle. Also, women with diabetes or who are on drugs that affect blood sugar levels should be aware that milkthistle can reduce blood sugar levels.


Answer by  Britt (453)

Depends on the kind of thistle it is. The two I've heard of are milk and blessed. Blessed thistle is not safe for use during breastfeeding. However there have been no adverse affects reported for mothers using milk thistle. However, if you are worried, then it is best to talk with your doctor, and stop taking it.

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