Question by  CrystalEg (500)

Is it right, In grammar, to say 1700s or is it 1700's?

In grammar should we say 1700s or 1700's.


Answer by  RobHutch (22)

It is grammatically correct to use 1700's. Using an apostrophe denotes belonging or ownership i. e. 1700s expresses the plural whilst 1700's expresses the years belonging to the 17th century. Another example is Tom's ball i. e. the ball belonging to Tom.


Answer by  silverkatcreationsyahoocom (324)

If we were talking of the entire time period we would say 1700s. If refering to a portion or specific part of that time or if it is a specififc thing about them. ie a certain style of dress of the time would be of the 1700's.


Answer by  jackivs (25)

It is correct to say "1700s" as in the following example: "The United States became a country in the 1700s. "


Answer by  ellie61 (478)

Strictly speaking, dates do not take apostrophes as they are not possessive or contractive. "70's music" is possessive, but "the 70s" are not.

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