Question by  Theaterbelle (19)

How do you store potato's at home?

I need to store some potato's in my home.


Answer by  GrendelsNana (56)

Potatoes should be kept in a cool and dry location. If you have a root cellar, that would be the best place. I keep them in the vegetable crisper drawer in my refrigerator, and often they are there for a couple of months before I use them. Just don't let them get too warm - they'll sprout.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

The best way to store potatoes at home is to store in a cool dry place. The best conditions are under the sink since it is dark and cool.


Answer by  Lenore (237)

Store your potatoes in a cool, dark place (below 60 degrees is good)and check them regularly, removing any potatoes that have sprouted or gone soft. My grandma always said that keeping an apple with your potatoes will keep them from sprouting or turning green, and it works for me.


Answer by  Dawson (0)

Storing a potato require climate control conditions so you will have to store it as per its required atmospheric conditions.

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