Question by  Kreat (21)

Is bleach a good skin discoloration treatment?

How about vinegar or lemon juice?


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Bleach is not a good skin discoloration treatment and should never be poured directly onto your skin as it can cause serious damage.


Answer by  sofia (32)

The bleach is not treatment about the skin because causes irritation and if someone is allergy to one of the elements that are in to the bleach maybe endanger his or her health.There are keys make your skin discoration with make up and surgery.


Answer by  SugarSoySauce (228)

Bleach would be to abrasive for your skin. I can recommend you a good skin discolaration treatment based on household soap (the white bar type): you can either make a pastry by grating it, adding a little of water o wet the soap and rub it against your skin, forming a cream with it.


Answer by  sunilkabin (39)

Yes, bleaching the skin increases the visible color of the skin. a home remedy for this is by using lemon or a bit of vinegar for the same results.

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