Question by  erinyay (46)

Is it OK to use backerboard on top of hardwood?

I want to put tile over hardwood.


Answer by  JD (129)

It is preferable not to but if you do make sure that the backerboard is tightly secured all the way to the subfloor under the hardwood. If the backerboard can move at all there is a chance that walking on the tile floor could crack the grout.


Answer by  arcitec (78)

It is acceptable, not ideal, to install backerboard on top of hardwood flooring. The hardwood floor could be uneven, and could warp and expand with changes in temperature and humidity.


Answer by  billyb (562)

if you use backerboard on top of hardwood,it would be a good idea to lay some type of protective material over the hardwood to keep from damaging the surface of the hardwood.

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