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Question by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

Is it normal to have facial swelling upon waking in the morning?

I wake up every morning with a swollen face.


Answer by  chiezboy (19)

You could be possibly having an allergic reaction to either your pillow or something on your bed. If it's not an allergic reaction then it could be an issue with just your body positioning with laying down causing the swelling and you might want to try elevating your back to help offset that.


Answer by  Rhianne (81)

It is not normal to wake up with a swollen face. A common cause of this could be your diet. Are you intaking too much sodium? Too much sodium can stick in the body/arteries and cause the body to retain water and bloat. You might notice this more in your face than elsewhere. Check with your doctor.


Answer by  Jebjow (44)

Waking every morning with a swollen face is not normal. It could be the cause of allergies, blood pressure problems, or a hormonal imbalance. I would recommend you seek medical evaluation.


Answer by  harmonyrn (31)

Laying flat in bed during the night can cause puffiness due to fluid in the tissues, and heavy salt usage can increase the swelling.


Answer by  whutt316 (68)

It is not normal. You could have multiple things going on. You could simply be retaining water or it may be a sinus issue. My suggestion is to go and see a qualified health provider. Try to not eat salty foods and decrease your fluid intake at night. If that doesn't work, go see a professional.

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