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Question by  tania (49)

Is it normal to get pubic hair growth at age 9?

That seems young to me.


Answer by  Stan1212 (22)

It is different for every person some people start puberty when they are 9 years old and some start it when they are 11 to 15 so it is normal.


Answer by  Kriket (1029)

It is a bit young but not unheard of. Some start as young as 8 and some as late as 15. Genetics has a large roll to play. If you or your spouse developed early, your children might also. There may be a pituitary issue, check with your doctor to be sure!


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

This is a little young to start growing pubic hair, but in certain cases it does occur. This is nothing to be alarmed at.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

Each child develops at his or her own rate. It is not abnormal for a child of 9 to start to develop pubic hair.

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