Question by  tasgeo (0)

Can a very low pH level have adverse effects on pumps and filters?

The seals on the pumps and filters seem to need replacing often. I wonder if it's because of the highly acidic solutions running through them.


Answer by  ScottHorn (232)

Certain pumps are vulnerable to extremes of pH. When choosing a pump one should consider the liquids being used and determine whether or not they are compatible with the pump. The most important specification when considering the chemical capability of a pump is the composition of the components listed as "wetted surfaces".


Answer by  supinps (65)

ph is the negative logarithm of the molar concentration of dissolved hydrogen ions. As ph value decreases acidic nature increases. when an acid came in contact with metal a chemical reaction will occur. The chemical reaction will yield a salt of the metal and hydrogen gas which in turn results in corrosion of the metal


Answer by  tasgeo (0)

i have shocked my pool & added algeside but still no change, could the problem be elsewhere?

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