Question by  krnboichi (14)

Is it legal to relocate with a child out of the country?

I would like to move out of the country with my child and need to know the legal ramifications.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

Just like moving anywhere, you need to take the proper meassures. You need to write the mother/father and tell them where you wish to move and when. You have to go a 30 days notice. It would be best to get a lawyer. They will tell you everything.


Answer by  friend (20)

It's legal as long that you will let the embassy knows and what country. Find out the laws,and documents needed to prepared base to your consulate will say.


Answer by  Eveleene (3)

Going with mother and father and at the same time not getting based mostly on them economically, is the key to a happy lifestyle. Do not never mooch off your mother and father for everything after they allow you to remain with them after commencement. Comprehend the value of being economically separate. Set your objectives and funds, and let your mother and father know about them.


Answer by  MathewLeonard (1)

It is perfectly legal for you to relocate with your child to any place you want in the world. You just have to go through some legal formalities for applying for visa and other paper work which could be handled by your lawyer

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