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Question by  catonem (38)

Is it fun to play mini putt putt golf?


Answer by  Joe2533 (205)

Mini golf can be extrememly fun, while teaching you the finer points of putting. It also teaches you creativity and to "think outside the box". Mini golf is great for families because even young children can play. It is also fairly inexpensive.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Yes, it is fun to play mini putt putt golf. It includes the regular skill of putting with obstacles and distractions to make the putting more challenging. Regular golfers do not play putt putt much, but are better at it than others when they do play because of their putting skills.


Answer by  Squeaks289 (273)

Mini golf is a lot of fun. It makes a great date night, or a night out with the kids. Keep it light, compete from hole to hole, not just the entire course. Make mini "wagers" as you play to keep it interesting and fun. It's even better when the course has a windmill and traditional mini golf distractions.


Answer by  Gribbley (174)

Absolutely. Mini-Golf is one of the most enjoyable activities available for golfers or non-golfers. It requires very little skill and makes a great date activity.

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