Question by  sayswhat (25)

Is it difficult to replace a non-grounded electrical outlet with a grounded one?


Answer by  bob1234 (22)

You could put in a grounding rod nearby, find metal sewer line/drinking water lines, or pull a new wire to get a ground wire to the outlet. Check the circuit box the outlet is in, for a wire screwed to the box, that will be a ground also.

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WRONG!!!! It\'s very dangerous! Electrical grounds must run WITH the wire back to the panel. Running a ground to a waterline created the chance of energizing the sinks, tubs, faucets etc.  add a comment

Answer by  fredlaws (14)

Yes, because the electrical cable to an ungrounded outlet will usually not have a ground wire. New wire that has a ground must be pulled and then properly grounded before the grounded outlet can be installed.

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