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Question by  Spaz (21)

is it common to have spotting right after ovulation?

I have spotting.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

All female bodies are different and while it is not common to spot right after ovulation it does happen. Listen to your body if you feel you have to see your gyno make sure that you do so.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

If you are pregnant, this is not uncommon and is called "implantation bleeding. " Implantating bleeding occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself into the uterus. Implantation displaces part of your uterine lining, the lining which provides nourishment to a fetus. This lining is made up of blood, which is why you can experience spotting.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

Spotting after ovulation is not common but some woman do have it. The reason is unknown but if the bleeding is severe it could be a medical condition called endometriosis.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

This usually does not occur. It could be what is called implantation bleeding. If you are pregnant it is sometimes possible to having spotting 7-12 days after you have ovulated.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Spotting in or around ovulation is common, it could be caused by intercourse, or just females checking their cervix for cervical fluid. I would not worry about it at this point and time and it is no indication to you being pregnant either.


Answer by  JakeFlike (39)

It is common and a lot of women don't notice it. It just means that the follicle ruptured during the release of your egg.

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