Question by  dobie (29)

Is it common to have spotting instead of getting my period?

I have been spotting for the past several days, just light spotting, nothing major and do not need a pad.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

If you have been regular all along and you suddenly have spotting you really need to get yourself to your doctor rightr away. You may be pregnant.


Answer by  LASH (142)

You do not have periods while pregnet. If you are pregnet and either "spotting" or bleeding more severely, please contact a Doctor, and be checked. It may very well be something minor that will simpily require you to rest more often, but it this is also a major sign of something being wrong with the pregency.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Light irregular spotting is fine during pregnancy. However, it is always important to monitor ANY bleeding while pregnant and keep the OBGYN informed of all changes that are occuring within the body. No question is a bad question with a doctor and it is always best to be safe than.....


Answer by  Rose (6804)

It is very common to have spotting in early pregnancy, which is often associated with implantation spotting. You should take an at home pregnancy test to make certain.


Answer by  GEETZ (388)

No,spotting is not a good sign. You need to have regular periods. It is a sign of problem you need to consult you docter as these things lead to pregnancy problems.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Women have irregular cycles all the time and spotting once or twice is not a cause for concern. However, if you regularly are not having a "real" period, then you may not be experiencing regular cycles and you should contact your doctor.

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