Question by  Kim90 (22)

Is it a good idea to write diary?

I am scared someone else will read it.


Answer by  Ken56 (1160)

It's a great idea to write a diary. The risks of it being read by others is outweighed by the great benefit you will get from putting down your thoughts and impressions, and clarifying your mind. Use common sense to guard the location of your diary. Never let it out of your site, and when it is, a good lock.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

A diary or journal is always a good idea, a great way to get feelings and ideas out. If you're afraid of people reading it, then only write things that aren't embarrassing, or come up with a code or shorthand that only you understand. Keep it among school papers to help hide it and make it blend in.


Answer by  SamV (28)

It helps to look back on things that have happened in the past and see how far I have come since then.

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