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Question by  gshel006 (18)

Is ironite safe to use on lawns?

I was told to use ironite on my lawn.


Answer by  Anonymous

It is a great way to green up your Bermuda. MAKE SURE if you use a spreader to blow or sweep it off of concrete prior to watering. If you don't, it will leave rusty spots on your concrete.


Answer by  Sabby228 (12)

Yes Ironite will make your lawn look very green and healthy. The product has been tested and has been proven safe for you and your family members. If you have pets that run around in your yard or if you have a garden, Ironite will not harm either in any way.


Answer by  David87 (112)

Ironite is within the governments safety limits, however it does have low levels of heavy metals (Arsenic and lead) in the product, if you're concerned about health and safety situations (do children play in your yard etc) there may be a eco-friendly product you could look into that would bring the same results


Answer by  michele72 (33)

Ironite is a great suppliment for anyone looking to enhance the color of his lawn. It may be used on both bermuda and St. Augustine in the spring. Add suppliment to fertilizer spreader and spread evently across the entire lawn. Water after application. Lawn should turn a lucious color of green after application


Answer by  LawnHawker (5)

Yes, you may use ironite on your lawn. If you are doing this after having a soil test done then be sure and follow label directions carefully. You will notice how green your lawn will be after the ironite is watered in.


Answer by  Bryan (77)

Thats a tough one but I would say no not to use it my opinion. Would look into other methouds to try before doing this or even thinking about it.


Answer by  jennycountrysidegirl (96)

Ironite is safe to use on your lawn. However it does naturally have low legal levels of lead and arsenic in it. There are organic comparable fertilizers available as well.

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