Question by  Harper (22)

Do I really need to aerate my lawn every year?

It's such a pain to rent an aerator and push that thing over my entire lawn.


Answer by  tschebyshev (252)

No you don't need to aerate very regularly, but the thing you should probably do more often is to dethatch your lawn. Get a high quality dethatching rake, and get rid of all the thatch (dead grass) that builds up during the year - your lawn will be much healthier!

Reply by elsewhen (627):
I am always amazed at how dethatching improves the appearance. Just removing all that dead grass makes the grass look much greener. I usually do this in the spring when the grass is starting to get green after the winter. Dethatching takes a few hours, and helps tremendously.  add a comment

Answer by  madlambe (197)

Yes it is very important to aerate your lawn. This is essential to allow for good drainage in your garden and prevent the growth off moss. If you find the aerator a pain use a garden fork. Be warned though this is a much slower process but may feel somewhat more satisfying.


Answer by  kctaxlady (187)

It is not necessary to aerate your lawn every year. Every couple of years is probably enough. To determine how often to aerate, consider the kind of soil you have. If it is clay soil that packs easily you will want to aerate more often to discourage run-off and promote earthworm activity.


Answer by  cpup (18)

Aeration is key to lawn health. Soil compaction is one of the key factors in unhealthy laws. Grass is relatively shallow rooted and in order to maintain a healthy root system the soil must be both nutrient rich and "loose". Loose soil aids in the absorption of water and nutrients.


Answer by  Anonymous

Aeration is a service dreamed up by the lawn maintenance community to rob you of money. Don't do it, it is not needed

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