Question by  Bunnybloodwings (7)

Is food cheaper in a no frills grocery?

I really like some of the frills but do not like the prices.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

yes it is. where we live we have an aldi's and a sav a lot. they are much cheaper. the selection isnt as good but for the basics, cheaper.


Answer by  momof11 (105)

No frills grocery is less expensive, but the selection is limited. They do not have 1st pick off the produce truck, so fruits and vegetables may not last as long.


Answer by  Daverson (10)

Yes. Discount groceries emphasize private label and "generic" foods without the high overhead costs of name-brand merchandise. By using warehouse shelving, no-frills displays, and narrower selections they achieve lower prices.


Answer by  Elizabeth1297 (87)

For the most part food is cheaper. But what you gain in price savings is lost in other areas. There are usually less choices in variety of flavors or sizes. Gourmet or speciality items might not be there. Be prepared to bring your own bags or containers, or purchase bags from the store.

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