Question by  EarlyMorning (25)

Is Duraflame a good choice for my fireplace?

Or should I just use regular old wood?


Answer by  ccaron (8)

Duraflame logs are an environmentally friendly choice for the fireplace. They are now made with all renewable materials, no petroleum binders, and they burn with 80% fewer emissions, and 70% less creosote accumulation in the chimney than burning seasoned firewood. They provide a safe controlled fire for 3-4 hours.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Duraflame isn't for keeping a fire going, it's for starting a fire! You also need regular old wood in that fireplace or the Duraflame brick is worthless.


Answer by  starrgazerlily (119)

You can use a duraflame log in your fireplace as a starter. But be sure to build your fire with hot burning wood, such as oak. Duraflames can produce a soot that is not good for you chimney. Burning oak on it will burn away all of the soot that can clog your chimney and potentially cause a chimney fire.

Reply by ccaron (8):
This information is not correct. Duraflame logs are designed for use in open fireplaces and are to be burned one log at a time. They produce 70% less cresote build up in the chimney than burning firewood. Duraflame logs should not be used as firestarters, but Duraflame makes firestarter products.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
In our campsite we have stopped burning duraflame and all environmentaly friendly produced logs . . . .They don't burn complete and smolder long after they have "flamed out". not the same complete burning logs in years past, aweful, just aweful. we won't buy them again, ever. michigannimrod  add a comment
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