Question by  parnell257 (109)

Is building a chimney saddle complicated?


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

No you just have to have a lot of bricks and make sure to build it level so your chimney is not crooked.


Answer by  mat76 (97)

Building a chimney saddle is not complicated at all. In fact, it was the easiest of all masonry jobs I sub contracted out to in the last twenty years or so. You go on line and look up roof contractors and you'll find someone who is licensed like me and will fix it right.


Answer by  harper2583 (466)

Building a chimney saddle is not really complicated all you have to do is fine a cheap and good contractor to do the work.


Answer by  Timmy63 (15)

at first it may be considered difficult... but if you take your time and put effort in what you are doing then you will find out that building a chimney saddle isn't that complicated. Also finding the right people to help you will surely make the difference.

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