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Question by  Cindy20 (33)

Is Auchentoshan whiskey made in Germany?

The name seems German.


Answer by  Tranwreck (279)

No, Auchentoshan whiskey is made in West Scotland. It is made at the Auchentoshan distillery which is located in the low lands of Scotland. It is in the outskirts of Clydebank in Dumbartonshire. The Auchentoshan Distillery produces this single malt whiskey with an unusual triple distilling method which gives it it unique and delicious flavor.


Answer by  trigonometry (668)

No, the Auchentoshan distillery is in Scotland. It is located west of Glasgow, along the River Clyde. As Scottish whisky, it is also written without the "e".


Answer by  Jazzy (34)

This scotch is actually made in Dunbartonshire which is in Scotland. The distillery is built on the site of an old monastery which is where the name Auchentoshan is derived from. This current distillery was founded in 1823 This is the only Scottish distillery to use the triple distillation process.

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