Question by  joseph510 (48)

Is Apple really releasing an iPhone 5?


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

I don't think there are releasing an iphone 5 right now. I think that was just a superbowl commercial that was meant to draw attention to how fast they upgrade.


Answer by  dooley (22)

At some point there is a suspected upgrade to the iPhone by Christmas of 2011. However at this time Apple has not guarenteed anything.


Answer by  Cyrus87 (29)

Apple is releasing an iPhone 5. We may not know exactly when, but it is certainly a given.It will be as big as the others and quite successful.


Answer by  Turk808 (69)

Every June apple release a "new" iphone. Every June a new version of the phone has been released. It could be something like iphone 3 to 3gs or something new. With LTE next year being avaliable to more places I can see a minor upgrade this year and "iphone5" next.


Answer by  pbxg33k (9)

Eventually Apple will release an iPhone 5 because the iPhones are like sequels to bad movies. You know the ones that come out every year.

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