Question by  sixinthenw (36)

Is anyone writing the Peanuts and Snoopy comic strip now?


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

When Charles Schulz died on February 12, 2000, the comic strip came to an end. However, the strip has been so enduringly popular, that thousands of newspapers decided to continue running the strip on a daily basis. The strips you're reading now are repeats, but they're still amazingly humorous and relevant to today's society.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

No. Charles Schultz retired and then died around the same time his last strip was published. Instead of find a new creator, most newspapers just re-run the old strips, usually calling it "Peanuts Classics." There are no new comic strips, though perhaps new TV spots may happen.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The last original Peanuts comic strip ran February 13, 2000, one date after creator Charles Schulz passed away. Schulz created 17,897 Peanuts strips. Peanuts continues daily in syndication in reprints. Peanuts ran in more than 2,600 newspapers. It was read by some 355 million fans in 75 countries and was translated into 21 languages


Answer by  Ken56 (1160)

No, after creater Charles Schultz died in 2000 Peanuts continues to run in many newspapers, but these are all reruns. No new story lines are being written.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

The Peanut comics are still appearing in certain newspapers on Sundays. Evidently they are being written by someone. Thanks to the internet, the paper is unpopular.

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