Question by  Lila (30)

What are some comic strips that have been made into movies?


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

Many popular comic strips such as Superman, Batman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Hellboy, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, The Punisher, and Daredevil are just a few that have been made into movies.


Answer by  judy63 (98)

Peanuts with Charlie Brown and Garfield. I took my grandchildren to see the Garfield movie, which they loved. I collect the Charlie Brown movies, I am a big fan.


Answer by  orelukjp0 (10)

Some comics that have been made into movies are Dennis The Menace, Flash Gordon, Peanuts, Garfield and Popeye. Dick Tracy, Batman and Superman are serious comics that movies were based.


Answer by  crazycool (145)

Both Batman and Spiderman started out as comic strips. So did Superman. It's a pretty common way to go!


Answer by  mansi (521)

Ace Drummond The Adventures of Smilin' Jack Asterix and Cleopatra Batman Blade Casper the Friendly Ghost Daredevil Flash Gordon Tales from the Crypt

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