Question by  Joe59 (4)

Is a used tripod likely to sit crooked?

I have an opportunity to buy one.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

If it isn't bent or if it doesn't have another physical defect, the answer is no. A tripod is easily adjustable for each of its 3 legs, giving them the ability to stay perfect even on crooked surfaces.


Answer by  KLC (198)

I used tripod is not necessarily likely to sit crooked. For that matter, how could it? Tripods have legs that move. They telescope in and out, they move together and apart, all you would have to do is adjust the other legs if one leg is bent or somehow crooked.


Answer by  Mewpeepmew (15)

Not necessarily, it depends on how used it is and if the owner took proper care of it. A barely used tripod isn't going to sit crooked at all. However, if someone has abused it or even used it a lot, then there's a good chance it will. It's best to closely look at it before you pay or ask.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

It can. But, it all depends where you are. If you are in a muddy area, then chances are, it will sit crooked.

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