Question by  worker38 (21)

Is a Net 10 phone a good deal for a teen?

I want my son to learn to budget by budgeting calls, etc.


Answer by  Chelsey (201)

Yes Net 10 is prepaid which means you can only call for as much as you pay for. He cannot go over on minutes or the phone will simply not let him dial out (except for 911). Net 10 also has inexpensive phones so if he loses or breaks it then it won't be so bad.


Answer by  valoisian (28)

Although you might think a NET10 phone would be a good idea to help a teen learn to budget, NET10 phones have a lot of upkeep that most teens have a difficult time with. You may want to look into a phone or phone plan that doesn't have any negative drawbacks if your teen doesn't stay within the fine print.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

A Net 10 phone could be a great way to teach your son the value of budgeting his time but there are also many other options that could give him more talk time and be more cost effective for you. Virgin Mobile and Boost are great options.


Answer by  TracfoneAgent (64)

No. Net10 phone requires care. You have to keep putting minutes before the DUE DATE in the screen, even if you have minutes on it (The minutes DO roll over and stack, sane with the days) if you dn't, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PHONE NUMBER. And Net10 cannot warranty you to recive it back (Phone numbers are recicled).


Answer by  forstine (5)

It depends how busy your teen is. Net 10 is a phone where you can purchase minutes without the hassle of contracts. If you have a busy teen that's away on school functions such as cheerleading or football, then a Net 10 phone wouldn't be a wise choice, but if your teen is normally close to home, then it's fine.


Answer by  Anonymous

Net 10 only rolls over with one of the monthly plans, which are more expensive than a 750 min one month...

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