Question by  Samothrace (59)

Is a Magic 8-Ball real?

Mine has gotten 10 predictions right in a row.


Answer by  mathlete (47)

The Magic 8-ball is not really magic. There is a dice inside the ball that contains a limited number of answers for yes or no questions. This means that the entire process is based off of probability, not psychic or any other type of powers. The fact that yours has made so many predictions in a row is coincidence.


Answer by  Dan28906 (11)

Yes, your Magic 8-Ball is real. However, your Magic 8-Ball cannot accurately predict the future except by pure random luck. The answers are generic enough to apply to most questions.


Answer by  jjj (14)

No, a magic 8-ball is not real. It is a plastic toy that gives random, but vague answers. The fact that it has gotten something right for you is just coincidence.


Answer by  prochi (43)

of course the magic 8-ball isnt real. My magic 8-ball told me "no" when I asked it if I was gay and that better not be real or else I might have some explaining to do


Answer by  trixiejack (302)

Magic 8-Balls aren't "real" in the sense that they are accurate predictors of the future, they're a novelty children's toy. However, if you believe your Magic 8-Ball is predicting good results, you may experience a placebo effect: things may go well because you expect them to, and vice versa.

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