Question by  Rinda (121)

Does the Leg Magic machine really work?


Answer by  asianal (397)

Yes, the leg magic machine does work. But it only works if you stay dedicated and use it on a regular basis. Also you will want to make sure you are eating well.


Answer by  Meg55 (94)

It probably gives you a workout, but it's unlikely to be any better than other, more fun and possibly cheaper options that don't involve buying and storing a machine in your home.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

It is that old spot reducing idea again. Machines can help to tone an area but as far as anything else is concerned they do nothing. Your best idea is to involve yourself in a balanced workout participating regularly.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Like anything, if you do it consistenly and properly, you will see results. If you don't (and this applies to anything), you won't.


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

I don't know what the leg magic machine is, maybe the leg press (which does work) None of my friends have mentioned seeing it. I have cable and see plenty of informercials, perhaps it's not advertised very much. For my legs I like biking or swimming anyways, who needs a machine

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