Question by  maggi (15)

How well do heart rate monitor watches work?

I want a reliable way to keep track of my heart rate.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

When place over a pulse in the right place you can get very accurate information from those heart monitor devices. I use mine while walking and they are great.


Answer by  AMecT1212 (5)

I believe they can provide a rough estimate to what your heart rate is, however it should not be perceived as completely accurate.


Answer by  harshielha (144)

Heart rate monitor tells you the rate of your heart beat when you do your exercise.It helps you when to put more effort into a workout, when to slow down and when it is critical to rest.


Answer by  donlapre (28)

Heart rate monitor watches are accurate enough for personal use, but are not as accurate as clinical instruments a doctor would use. For tracking heart rate during exercise it would be sufficient.

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