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Question by  yodawg (86)

Is a cherry tree a fruit tree?

It seems to me that fruits and vegetables keep getting re-categorized as other things.


Answer by  sad6 (22)

Yes. Fruits are still categorized as those plants with a pit or seeds on the inside. Also, it is usually those fruits and vegetables that have characteristics of both that switch categories. Cherries only hold those that equal fruit.


Answer by  Anonymous

Vegetables are classified by how they're used in cooking, not by any scientific grouping. So it's possible for something to be both a fruit and a vegetable. Cherries are fruits by the way, but I've never heard of them being used as vegetables.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

A cherry is considered a fruit. I have never heard of it being called a vegetable. Therefore a cherry tree is a fruit tree. Basically, fruits are the ripened ovaries of plants. Vegetables are plants grown for seeds, stems, leaves, bulbs, or anything other than a ripened ovary. Fruits can be considered veggies but veggies cannot be fruits!

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