Question by  vino (5)

When is the right time to trim fruit trees?

I know if you trim fruit trees at the wrong time that you will kill the fruit.


Answer by  Mike59 (139)

I would wait until June and all of the fruit is off of the tree and what branches break naturally and what areas of the tree are most dense. Then you can thin out the branches. By doing so next year's crop will be larger and healthier.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Trim as late in winter as possible is recommended. Earliest blooming trees last and latest blooming trees first, older trees before the younger ones-these are rules to remember.


Answer by  NeetuSharma (9)

Right time late autumn to erly winter. If left these until the end of winter you will find that flowering may be sabotaged. Also,when the plant isn't hell-bent on growing.


Answer by  Irliol (25)

It depends on the species and the region. For instance in europe cherry trees suld be trimmed in winter for the biggest branches, and in the heat and dry moments of summer (not during the storm season of mid-august) for the branches of the year. You trim when the tree is not in a growing phase.

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