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Question by  karthik70 (12)

Is a character breakfast at Disney worth the money?

How much time do you get to spend with the characters?


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

The character breakfast is a novelty that is worth it if you have children. The time the characters spend at your table is always the same depending on your party size. But be assured, the characters will spend enough time to take pictures, sign autographs and hug the kids. The character need to bounce around the room for everyone.


Answer by  Jelly69 (163)

The characters are there from the beginning of breakfast until the end. I found it to be very enjoyable to children. I would say a good age range is 5 to 13. I think it was worthwhile, it also allows you early entry to the park.


Answer by  Becca61 (78)

Character breakfast is a great way to interact with your favorite Disney Characters. You get a couple minutes with each character to get pictures and/or an autograph. Its well worth the money if you are a true Disney fan!


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

Character dining is definitely a great experience, especially for little kids. How worthy the money you spent for the experience was can vary for individuals.

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