Question by  chuck171021 (13)

Is a ceramic stove top the best kind for a new kitchen?

I've heard they are hard to clean.


Answer by  schmidtlein5 (17)

A ceramic top is very easy to clean. I usually use a warm wet washcloth to soften any burns. I then use the recommended ceramic stove top cleanser. Afterwards I then use a warm wet washcloth to make sure the cleanser is all off of the top of the stove.


Answer by  Baumkuchen (22)

Yes, it is the best. Because its not harmful especially when you have children. And for the hard to clean things, try to sprinkle baking soda on the stain and wipe it with wet sponge, then spray 1 cup ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water and wipe it again.


Answer by  jsflw2010 (459)

A ceramic stove is efficient and are not hard to clean like some say. There are specific cleaners that are recommended which make keeping the unit clean with ease.


Answer by  Barbie74 (41)

Ceramic stovetops can be kept nice as long as you clean any spills up immediately. It is a little harder to control temperature on a glass cooktop when comparing it to a gas cooktop, so in my opinion gas is the way to go.


Answer by  JazzyJenn (12)

I beleive it is easier to clean than the old stoves and easier to maintain. I have found that cleaning the ceramic stove top often leads to easy upkeep. Yes, sometimes stains are hard to lift if you do not follow the manufacturers suggestions.


Answer by  samsheedali2000 (152)

For the advanced kitchen it is really suitable,becasue we can avoid the Gas consumption and very comfortable to for advance kitchen.For clean the ceramic top some special kind of cleaning liquids are available as per the products.

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