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Question by  anne (336)

Is a C-section safe with gestational diabetes?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

In most cases it's safe but if you are at all concerned you should always ask your OBGYN for the proper medical advice. They will generally tell you the pro's and cons of each way of delivery and if it's even possible for you to deliver that way.


Answer by  Baloncesto50 (20)

Yes you can safely have a C-section if you have gestational diabetes. It is up to your doctor if a C-section is necessary for you or for your unborn baby. Woman with gestational diabetes can control their blood sugar enough where they can safely carry their babies to term for either a vaginal or C-section birth.


Answer by  phrueben (49)

Yes it is safe, this condition affects the sugar levels during pregnancy, thus the only risk comes when high glucose foods are ingested


Answer by  missy36 (48)

There are always risks when going under the knife. But a c-section with or without gestational diabetes is generally safe. discuss your feelings with your doctor and they will let you know the risks of having your baby c-section.


Answer by  Terri (229)

Yes, I know several women who had gestational diabetes and delivered via C-section. Each pregnancy is unique though, so talk over your options with your OB/GYN.

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