Question by  Diamondisis (13)

In what industry does a "buyer's mandate" apply?


Answer by  vangie (118)

The petroleum industry uses a buyer's mandate(agent) to secure agreement with the seller's mandate after mandate and his buyer have defined their terms. Not a middle man. Speedy transactions.


Answer by  pearl02080419 (69)

THe industry that buyers mandate applies to is the import and export industires. Examples might be in the oil industry or distribution companies. Buyers mandate is complicated so the answer isn't simple one answer as it may apply to many industies but are not limited to the ones listed here.


Answer by  nabeel (7)

Buyers mandate is an essentiel part in various buisness industries. it helps to find sellers for buyers. manpower and networks help to meet the required sellers. To meet the needed sellers ,buyer should have enough fund. qualification and experience for buyers keep them away from loosers. Buyers should choose teir property based on targeted industries,geographic area and transaction size. Buyers mandate actual act as a brocker.


Answer by  hahagal (983)

This apply to the steel industry as well as the oil industry. However there are some rules or loopholes that you can get away with when it comes to making it a seller mandate.

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