Question by  Nicholas79 (38)

In the King James Bible, where is the passage about the temptation of Jesus?


Answer by  wantabemedic (345)

There are two books in the New Testament of the Bible where this account can be found: Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Locations do not change according to Bible translation. This passage is found in Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:13; and Luke 4:1-13. In all three accounts the temptations follow Jesus being baptized.


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

In the King James Bible the temptation of Jesus Christ is throughly explained in Luke Chaper 4 verses 13 to verse 41 and it is stated very clearly here and how Christ resists the temptation.


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

The verses pertaining to the question are in the following books: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In the book of Matthew, check out Chapter 4, verses 1-3. In Mark, check out Chapter 1:12-14, and in the book of Luke--chapter 4:1-3, you will want to read about them again since each version is slight different. Tracey

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