Question by  purbikgmailcom (43)

I'm late, and I spotting. Am I pregnant?


Answer by  bwankel (45)

Spotting can be an indicator of egg implantation, and is referred to as "implantation bleeding". However, it's not a conclusive symptom, and a test should be taken to be sure.


Answer by  amalthea25 (35)

You could be under stress, which can cause lateness and spotting. Otherwise, yes you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test first then go talk to you doctor to confirm it.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

You could be, but not necessarily. Spotting is not terribly uncommon in early pregnancy. It can result from an embryo implanting in your uterine lining, which displaces some of the blood that you would normally shed during a period. However, it could also just mean that your period is starting late or you have an irregular cycle.


Answer by  EST (75)

Well, the answer is maybe. You will need to wait about a week, take a test, or go and see your doctor.

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